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I've known Anthony since he was barely 7 years old, his Mother & Dad " TIM & Melissa Jamerson " found a place in my heart many years ago and sang at so many of the same places I did.The family traveled where I found bookings in West Virginia as a team in Christ with lifting up Gospel Music at it's best.Anthony grew up in Gospel Music for sure!

Anthony branched out when he was entering his seventeenth year by creating his own style of sound, and he wrote Pressing Through which in my opinion has been one of his greatest accomplishments until this day.

Anthony has grown up // he is now in the service as an MP ,and also has finished his schooling to become a law officer locally in Chattanooga,TN.

A big shout out for this young man that I have worked along side of just about all his life. I'm proud of Anthony Jamerson

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Press Through

Press Through

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