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published03/26/18 06:15:00AM

Talent Search

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published06/18/17 12:33:00PM

Welcome To Gospel Muisc Express


GME is designed to promote the talents of artists & Musicians in Country, Bluegrass, and gospel music. We offer all aspiring artist, songwriters and musicians' tips and information to further their talents and careers. GME offers event promotions, showcases, and training seminars by some of the best Record Labels, Publishers, artist songwriters, and musicians in each genre.
Filling out this application entitles the applicant for membership with GME Showcase for one year,
yearly fee of $50.00
The Applicant agrees the Gospel Music Express further known as GME in this application, does not hold the GME or its officers liable for any misinterpretation in this agreement. That their information in this application is correct and they have the authority to enter this agreement. The application agrees to not hold the GME or its officers liable for any injuries, theft of personal losses and will abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the GME.
All applicants under 18 understand they must have a Parent or Guardian present always.

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Welcome to the Gospel Music Express Showcase. Hope we are a blessing to you!
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