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Throughout my days in college and on into my teaching career, I continued to minister in my home
                church and began to branch out by singing with a few local gospel groups.  While none of those e
               ndeavors proved to be long term, they significantly prepared me for the ministry I stand in today.  I
               t amazes me how God can take every aspect of your life - the good, the bad, the sad, the hard – and
                turn it into something that shines for Him.

               It was about 2011 when the Lord really got hold of me and began to work this old piece of clay on
               His potter’s wheel.  It was on that potter’s wheel that He began to repair the cracks and chips in
               this old vessel. It was during this time on the potter’s wheel that my pastor, Brother James
               Bradford, came to me one morning at church while I was seated at the piano.  He said, “Brother
               Doyle, the Lord is going to break some chains for you this morning.”  He handed me a small neck-
               lace chain.  He said, “Brother, I am going to pray for you, and when I tell you, I want you to break
               that chain.”  He continued, “When you break that chain, the Lord is going to begin breaking chains
                in your life.”

               As Pastor James prayed for me, and I broke that chain when he told me to, I can still remember
               how the Holy Ghost rushed all over me.  He said, and I knew, “Doyle, there is absolutely no power
                at all in that little chain.  It’s only symbolic, Brother, of what the Lord is going to do for you.”

               Well, he was absolutely right!  I am so thankful for a pastor who listened to the bidding of the
               Holy Spirit.  You see, neither my pastor, nor many at all, knew of the years of hurt I had carried
               around in my heart from the traumas of living life.  Even though I was raised in a Christian home
               by two parents who loved me beyond comprehension, and I was in church regularly, the enemy
               was still able to wrap chains around me through various hurts that had been perpetrated by the
               enemy of my soul.  I didn’t know then, but those chains led to me building walls to protect my
               heart from further hurt.  It was just easier to stay hidden behind those walls, protected from more
               hurt and heartache.  Thankfully, though, now I see that the very thing I was doing to protect myself
               only brought more hurt.

               But, thank you Jesus, that morning, not only did chains start breaking off, but my Walls of Jericho
               fell flat and I was able to march right into the enemy’s camp and take back everything he had ever
               stolen from me!

                                                   It was shortly after this that the Lord began to open my heart to writing
                                                   songs. I had attempted writing before, but this time it was different.  The
                                                   words and the melodies began to flow from somewhere deep inside of me.
                                                   I would sit down at that old Hobart Cable piano and roll out chords and
                                                   feel the presence of God surround me.  These songs were my prayers.

                                                   The first song I wrote shortly after my pastor’s prayer was Under The
                                                   Shadow.  This song is based on Psalm 91:1, “He who dwells in the secret
                                                   place of the Most High, shall rest under the shadow of the Almighty.”
                                                   My heart began to rejoice over this scripture and the words and melody just
               began to flow.  Song after song that the Lord has given me all have similar stories of being
               inspired under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

               In 2017, the Lord provided for me to record my first project, Songs For The Journey.  It has been s
               uch a thrill and honor to record this solo project. I began praying, first and foremost, that the
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