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Still Singing…Songs For The Journey

                   My name is Doyle Hobson, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself an

               d Doyle Hobson Ministries to you.

               I have been singing for as long as I can remember.  Some of my earliest recollections are hearing
               my mom walk around the house singing or humming a song.  So, it just seemed natural for me
               to join right in and start singing with her.  I can even remember singing harmony with her, long
               before I even knew what harmony was.

               I am so very thankful for my mom and dad, Winifred and Carolyn Hobson, and the fact that they
               saw fit to raise me in the House of God.  We have always attended church from the time I was a
               baby.  I often joke that we probably stopped at church on the way home from the hospital!  But,
                in all seriousness, I would not change anything about my upbringing.  Instead, I just praise the
               Lord for blessing me with parents who love the Lord and were determined to raise their children in
               the fear and admonition of the Lord.

               I have always been involved in music at church.  Whether I was singing solos, in duets with my
               mom, or in a trio with my mom and my sister, Sherry, I just remember the joy it brought to my
               heart to sing praises to the Lord.

               In school, I began taking choir classes and singing in special choirs, then I finally made it to the
               grade where I could start playing an instrument.  I first began with the violin, then switched to
               the drums.  I played in band and sang in choir for my entire school life.

               Eventually, I began playing the drums in my home church.  I loved playing them, although I am
               really not sure to this day how great I was at that!  But, I certainly gave it all I had and then some.
               One day, I came home from school and announced to my parents that I was certain I could learn to
               play the piano, if I had one.  My parents were always so supportive of my sister and me, even
               when it meant sacrifice on their part - something I realize now more than ever.  So, my dad began
                looking around and found this old upright Hobart Cable piano.  I absolutely loved that piano, and I
                still have it sitting in my living room to this day.

               Within a half hour or so of my father bringing this piano home, I began to play simple hymns in
               the key of F.  It was so basic with just a bass chord pattern, but the Lord was leading and I was
               taking the first steps on a path of ministry that the Lord would continue.

               After graduating high school in 1982, I began to study Music Education, and in 1987,
               I graduated from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, with a Bachelor of Music
               Education.  I recently retired in July, 2016, after spending 27 years teaching Choir and
               Band in the Missouri Public School System.

               I have so many fond memories of my days in the classroom and still feel very privileged
               to be in contact with many of my former students through Facebook. I wouldn’t trade my
               years in the classroom for anything, but I felt it was time to retire in order to help my parents
               and to finally pursue my ministry as I had always dreamed.
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