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Lord would anoint every note and word I sang.  I am thankful, from the words of encouragement a
               nd the testimonies of listeners, that the Lord was faithful to do just that.

               Through this process, the Lord has brought some amazing people into my life.  My producer, Josh
               York of FarmHouse Entertainment, has been amazing to work with.  I would bring songs to him
               and share what I heard in my head, and he would take it and make that dream happen.  He is a very
                talented young man, indeed!

               Another amazing couple the Lord brought into my life is Brother Don Stiles and his precious wife,
               Sister Kathy.  Brother Don wrote the song, Healing Power, that I recorded on my project. That
               song has received a lot of air play and has opened many doors to ministry.

               Through meeting Brother Don, who is a phenomenal songwriter and singer, the Lord has really
               melded our ministries together.  While our solo ministries have both flourished individually, and
               we both still maintain a solo ministry, the Lord has shown us how our ministries parallel and
               work well together.  So, in 2019, we began scheduling some ministry dates together, along with
               maintaining solo ministry dates.  The Lord has really blessed these efforts and for this I am so
               thankful and, again, amazed at God’s timing.

               I appreciate Sister Shelia Reed and her staff for allowing me this opportunity to meet-and-greet
               you all.  If you would like more information on my ministry, to purchase a CD, or to schedule me,
               or Brother Don Stiles and myself for your event, please visit or call me at

               God Bless you all and I hope to meet many of you in this coming year.

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