Frank Dentremont

Dr. Frank Dentremont

By GME Showcase, 2017-03-25
Dr. Frank Dentremont

Like so many raising children, my daughter kept putting off taking care of her teeth. Awaken to the fact later on in life her smile was gone with teeth that hadn't been taken care of. Deborah searched for months trying to find a Dentist she could afford. She heard all kinds of solutions to covering her teeth with a retainer helping her smile but couldn't afford to correct the problem, and believe me this was still in the thousands of dollars.

Deborah found Dr. Frank Dentremont made an appointment, called me after she had her visit rejoicing about how he had fixed her front teeth and just remade them, she couldn't believe this Dentist was willing to go that far to restore her front teeth. She took a picture of her smile and sent it too me. DR. Frank gave Deborah her confidence back to be that pretty young lady that she is!

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