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published11/24/16 12:00:00AM

Harvest Outreach Thanksgiving Day Dinner

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published08/07/16 12:00:00AM

Statistic's for you as an Artist

We have had 37,429 homes to view our programming in one month! Here are the locations recorded as watched....
United States, Philippines, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Barbados,
Malaysia, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Suriname, Germany, Guyana, Japan, Tanzania, India, Taiwan,
Belgium, Norway, Trinidad, Tobago, Singapore, Romania, Bahamas, Denmark, Jamaica, Kenya,
Angola, Czech Republic, Columbia, Uganda, Namibia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Cayman Islands
Mozambique, Switzerland, Spain, Equatorial Guinea, French Guiana, Argentina, Indonesia,
Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone

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